Traffic Monsoon Reviews

There are dozens of new and interesting reviews being written everyday. Many reviews seem completely legit on the surface and even offers free support, help and other stuff like this Traffic Monsoon revenue calculator . But have a closer look...The author is basically selling the scheme as a good way to make money, and he may well be making a bit by convincing others to join - which is the nature of the beast.

This is a good review but a blatant attempt at attracting more referrals to the Traffic Monsoon. We are finding, reading and posting about the reviews that we think are not genuine and should not be taken as an honest opinion, but as the attempt of a member of the Monsoon trying to boost their referrals.

Traffic Monsoon Advice

If you want to join up to Traffic Monsoon anyway, then we can give you some advice on the main pages of this site and also in regular blog posts. You are in charge of you and your funds, so we can't stop you from doing anything like this. Just make sure you are advised well and following our support about this platform. Know the risks and educate yourself before spending a dime.

But we will try and help if you are going to take the risk and join Traffic Monsoon. There are apparently people making money from it so we can understand that you would like to do this as well. But be warned, you may get burned and even if you make something in the beginning - it will end.

Other Multi Level Marketing Schemes

As well as the Monsoon of money (!) there are other MLM platforms online that involved making money from members signing up and then signing up more people without any real service or product being in place.

Some of them involve making money from what appears to be a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme. Some even promise to make you a travel agent and get holidays abroad for only a hundred bucks or so! We are personally not so sure and we have started this website to show to our friends and others who pester us to join - it ain't all what it seems!